Monday, 2 April 2007


My Cousin came over for a party we had the other day and told me about

For those of you un-initiated, this site is all very Web 2.0 - a social network site whereby people can get in contact with thier mates, dump photos on their site, leave notes about how they are feeling today and all that jazz. On the face of it it seems like a great thing, getting in contact with old friends (that's good) sharing photos (all good too), but i do get the feeling that the whole thing is being embraced by the wrong user group. Adults.

The entire language of the site lends itself to the school yard "john is now your friend", "you are waiting for samantha to confirm she is your friend" blah blah blah. My suspicion is that this, like going to the playboy mansion, would be a whole lot more fun if i was single and able to go shakring online without the shame of having to do online dating.

But I have a girlfriend, So now I blog while running a sideline in facebook, just so no one leaves me out of the fun.

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