Sunday, 1 April 2007

The morning after the couple of days and nights before..

I wake up today with a sore throat, aching joints and a couple of uncomfortable-but-not-quite-enough-to-get-sympathy-from-your-girlfriend burns on my wrists and fingers from attempting to BBQ everything for the 30 odd people who were round our flat last night.

Which brings me to my point - why are celebrations always so focused on us all getting absolutley ruined? I'm not taking the moral high ground here by any means - a dry party to me is well, not a party, or at least one that generally includes the elderly - but it does make you think that as we are at the top of the food chain, you'd have thought we could figure out that its not that great for us.

Animals seem to have sorted this out and seem to be quite happy just chilling out when they can, and eating, pooing and shagging whenever they can/have to. (More on this subject to come, most probably to be entitled "cats - why they run the show really")

I have now pretty much written off sunday in terms of activity and have decided to start a blog - not through some noble calling to voice my concerns to the world - although thats what I'll tell people down the pub later...

Actually it's more down to a particuarly bad omnibus direction of Hollyoaks.

Anyways, as my first posting, I'll keep it fairly short, but suffice to say that my postings are likely to ramble across many subjects but will tend to focus on my fave bits of travel, the sea and sailing, mountain biking and food & beverages.

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Clive Andrews said...

It was a good night, Jim - a good night. I too had a less-than alert weekend, with the cumulative effect of last week's jollies.

Have mercy on us...